Hey! I'm Robbie Hunt.

I'm a Game Designer in Arkansas! I make fun experiences - digital or tabletop ... whatever fits.

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I Make Games!

These are the elements and principles that I bring to all of my games:

Quick to Learn

I keep my games from being daunting or overwhelming. I always strive to shorten the time a player has to invest before they get to the fun.

Thoughtful Content

My games are about creating and sharing an experience with the player. The rules and themes of the game are my way of expressing myself.

Fun is #1

While I do intend to express something meaningful to the player - I don't want to hit the player over the head with it! Fun is the top priority!

Here's some stuff I made recently.

See those principles in action!

Honor Bound

A quick to play game where lying is the main mechanic. If you lie you slowly lose honor, but to play honorably leaves you open to counterattack - learn to read your opponent while staying unpredictable!

Paint War! LIVE

This is a real-time mobile browser game created for the 2016 Mini Maker Faire in Little Rock. Players are sorted into teams and can capture territory with virtual paint!


This is a mobile browser game in development, there are three main characters with different abilities that are unlocked by scanning QR codes.

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