Hey! I'm Robbie Hunt.

I'm a Game Designer in Arkansas! From tabletop to digital, whatever works best for the experience I'm trying to create.

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These are the elements and principles that I bring to all of my games:

Low Barrier to Entry

I keep my games from being daunting or overwhelming. I always strive to shorten the time a player has to invest before they get to the fun.

Meaningful Content

My games are personal, they have a message I want to communicate with the player. The rules and themes of the game are my way of expressing myself.

Unobtrusive Message

While I do intend to express something meaningful to the player - I don't want to hit the player over the head with it! Fun is the #1 priority!

Here's some stuff I made recently.

See those principles in action!

Honor Bound

A quick to play game where lying is the main mechanic. If you lie you slowly lose honor, but to play honorably leaves you open to counterattack - learn to read your opponent while staying unpredictable!

Solo Tabletop Experiments

I'm working on a collection of games exploring the limitations of solo boardgames, and how a game's theme might effect those limitations.

AR/VR Digital Games

I've got a few prototypes in the works that apply Alternate Reality and Virtual Reality.

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